EGUI has its whole process in-house, under the same roof.

Stamping, Assembly and Surface treatments (E-coat & Powder).

EGUI's press shop it is adapted to the complesity of its product range. Press tonnage up to 1.500tns of power, big tables and coil feeders up to 10mm thick in HSLA steel.

EGUI has highly/fully robotized processes taht guarantee the quality of its assemblies.

EGUI has in-house Surface treatment intallations, Shot blasting, KTL line and Powder paint line that provide EGUI's parts with a top quality surface treatment protection. EGUI painting installations are prepared to paint 3 meter long parts.

EGUI has capability for fiability and fatigue testing. Also a complex corrosion chamber to test the surface treatment.

Press Assembly Surface treatment.
Shot blasting + KTL + Powder


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